Arise into your Destiny- The Wise Recognize God’s Leading

Arise into your Destiny- The Wise Recognize God’s Leading

Main Point: You have a destiny. It is God’s unique purpose for your life, tailored just for you. The wise will recognize God’s leading and Arise into their Destiny.

Series Recap: (Arise into your Destiny)
•Part 1. We are called to good works
•Part 2. Unload the Garbage
•Part 3. Don’t look back
•Part 4. Make the Best of it
•Part 5. The wise recognize God’s leading.

How to recognize God’s leading:

God leads by his Word.
Matthew 4:4. The bible instructs us not to live by bread alone but by every word the proceeds from the mouth of God.
•We need to be led by the written Word of God. You can be absolutely certain God will never lead you in a way that is contrary to what He says in the Bible.

God leads by his Peace
Colossians 3:15. Let God’s peace rule in your heart. God leads by his peace, even in the storm.
•Then answer about where to go to college is not spelled out in the bible. Be led by Peace.
•If God does not give you peace it is unwise to proceed.

God leads by Desire
Philippians 2:13. God is inspiring you to do the things that please him.
Acts 7:23 is a great example of how God leads by desire. It says: “Now when he (Moses) was forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his brethren, the children of Israel.”
•This is a key concept we must trust. God will give you the desire and passion to rise into your destiny.

God leads by Inner witness – Holy Spirit
Romans 8:16. God’s spirit bears witness with our spirit.
•When you get saved God awakens your spirit that assures you, you belong to Him.

John 16:13-14. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

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