Choosing More of God

Choosing More of God


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  • LFC workshop October 24th at 4pm
  • Youth every Saturday at 6:30pm
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Sermon Notes:

Main Point:  Choosing more of God and acting on this commitment is a personal chose within your control.  

Foundation Scripture:  Philippians 2:12.  Work out your own salvation with Fear and trembling.

Pastor’s Thoughts:

  • There are lots of things in this world we cannot control.  But the most important thing we can control.  We can freely choose to be saved.  Our salvation thru Jesus Christ is the most important thing life.  
  • You can also control certain actions that strengthen you walk with God.  You can control your bible reading, your prayer time, your church attendance, you giving of tithes and offerings.
  • Things don’t’ have to be perfect in your life to do these things because you Love God.  Just do them because God is worthy of your time and effort.
  • Have a Pastor or leader or mentor to hold you accountable in the Lord is important and scriptural, however at a certain point you must work out your own salvation, your own walk with God.

We are free from religion and free from the Old Testament law.

Galatians 5:13.  We are free in Christ Jesus.  Free from religion.  Free from the Old Testament law.  But freedom is to be used for doing good.

Pastors’ thoughts:

  • You are free to grow with Intent and passion.
    • Not because a pastor says so but because you Love God.

3 Ways to grow with intent. (Memorize these phrases)

  1. Run to the Cross – Sin is dealt with at the cross.
  2. Put yourself in situations to experience God – Be intentional about being were God is.  (church, etc)
  3. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable for God’s Kingdom – Stepping out of your comfort zone is where you will see signs and wonders.

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