God Has a Divine Plan

God Has a Divine Plan

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 07-14-19
God has a divine Plan

Main Point: God has a divine Plan for you, your family, and the local church. Walk in it and see the hand of God intervene with signs and wonders.

Definition of Divine: A proceeding directly from God.

Joshua 1:1-8. : Notice how God’s plan continues without Moses.

Pastors Thoughts:
God’s plans are not dependent on one individual.

That’s why it is important not to follow man, but follow Jesus Christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth.

When Moses died, God’s plan for mankind did not die with him.
God’s plan of redemption for mankind continues until this day.

God continues to use flawed people to execute his divine plan of redemption.

God’s promise to Joshua has a dependency:
Joshua 1:8, after God tells Joshua all the amazing things he will do, he gives instructions, he tells him to meditate on the word of God (God’s law) day and night

-Knowing that God has a divine plan for your life, Will you walk in it?

Time to Choose:
Joshua 24:14-15, Joshua challenges the people to choose who they will serve.

God’s divine Plan comes with signs and wonders!!!!

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