God is Patient

God is Patient

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 04-28-19
God is Patient

Main Point: God is patient toward us so there is no need to wait. It’s time to put God first in all things.

The evidence of God’s patience is written throughout scripture. From the beginning of time until today and for eternity.
-God was patient with Adam and Eve.
-God was patient with Jonah.
-God was patient with the children of Israel.
-God was patient with the disciples and Peter in particular.
-God is patient with mankind. And finally
-God is been patient with you.

Scriptures on Gods’ Patience:
Psalm 103:8. The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in steadfast Love
2 Peter 3:9. God is patient and wants all to come to repentance
Jonah 4:2. Jonah knew God slow to anger and merciful
Nahum 1:3. The Lord is slow to anger but he is Justice

Story of Peter after the resurrection. John 21: 1-17.
-Peter denied Jesus 3 times but Jesus never gives up on Peter.
-Jesus ask the men to cast the net on the other side just like he had done before
-Peter jumps out of the boat to be with Jesus
-Jesus ask Peter if he loves him and ask him to feed his sheep.

God is slow to anger and full of mercy and love toward us. For this reason, never give up on yourself.

Yesterday is over. But every new day you have to choose to put God first or to be luke warm.

God is Patient toward us. Put God first in all you do.

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