God’s Presence pt 4

God’s Presence pt 4


-Spanish Translation for the sermon is now available at HCC.  Feel free to invite Spanish speaking people to church.

-Prayer meeting on Sunday night from 6pm to 7pm.  Upcoming dates (Nov 27, December 4, Dec 11).

-Turkey Giveaway was a big blessings for many families.

-Youth meet every Saturday at 6:30pm, 3rd Saturday of the Month at the Youth meeting is at the community center.

-Pray for HCC and Open Hands Community Charitable Services as we prepare to expand our service to the community.

-Pray for Pastor Elias Ozuna as he enters full time into ministry.

-Church Christmas Dinner December 10 at 5:30pm.

-Toy Giveaway is scheduled for Saturday December 17, 2022.

Sermon Notes:

Main Point:  A church that hungers for God’s presence is a church that will experience God’s presence.

Pastor’s Thoughts:

  • What convinces people to turn to God?  -We don’t convince people of sin or to be saved.  It is the Holy Spirit that reveals this truth.
  • In scripture (John 16:7-11) it is clear that once Jesus was crucified that the Holy Spirit would be sent specifically to convict men and women of sin.

A. The Spirit shows that the world is wrong about sin … because they don’t believe in Jesus. The one who gets to define “sin” is Jesus, and the Spirit continually points to Him as being our only Savior.

B. The Spirit shows that the world is wrong about righteousness … because Jesus, who was going away to the Father, is the only way to the Father (John 14:6). Jesus is the only one who can make us right with God.

C. The Spirit shows that the world is wrong about judgment … because Satan, the “ruler of this world” is already condemned. Jesus has already judged the worldly powers, and the way to avoid condemnation is follow Him as Lord.

  • Since we don’t do the convincing, it is important that we do all we can to bring people into God’s presence.  Because in God’s presence the Holy Spirit is at work doing the convincing.  
  • We want our church to be that place where God’s presence is strong and evident so people who enter in through this door will know that God is real and they too will have a desire to grow closer to God.

Quick Summary of the Dispensation of Time:

  • Adam and Eve Time (God spoke directly to Adam and Eve)
  • Law of Moses Time (God spoke directly to the prophets)
  • Jesus Time (God walked with men)
  • The Gospel Message time (Holy Spirit leads us into all truth)- We are in this Dispensation of Time
  • Judgement time (Eternal life with God)

-We need more of God’s presence; and one way to experience more of God is through true praise and worship.

-Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide into truth.  Jesus Christ is the answer the world is looking for.

-As we grow in faith and learn to truly praise and worship God, God will supernaturally inhabit the praises of his people.

-Praise is proclaiming what God has done (shouting out his goodness)

Worship is honoring God for who He is (acknowledging His Holiness and Righteousness)

Scriptures on what God’s presence bring?

Psalm 16:11 In your presence there is fullness of joy.  

  • So outside of your presence there is no fullness of joy.
  • If you want joy find a way to be in his presence.  (God inhabits the praises of his people.  Matthew 18:20)

Psalm 16:11.  Joy

Exodus 33:14.  Rest

Psalm 73:28.  Refuge

Hebrews 4:16.  Mercy and Grace

Acts 3:20-21.  Times of refreshing

John 16:7-11

Conviction of Sin

Conviction of Unrighteousness

Conviction of eternal judgment


  • As a church we cannot be satisfied with just getting by.  
  • We must hunger for more of God’s presence.  
  • We must Praise and Worship with all we have.  
  • And the result will be that God’s presence will bring salvations, and healings and signs and wonders but we must press on.  
  • That is who HCC is.   A church that hungers for God’s presence.

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