Holy Spirit Empowered

Holy Spirit Empowered

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 05-5-19
Holy Spirit Empowered

Main Point: Christians must actively seek to be empowered by the Holy Spirit so they can use their gifts and talents for God with boldness.

The last time Jesus met with the disciples:
Acts 1:4-11. After Jesus told the disciples to wait until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit, he ascended and told the disciples they would receive power after the Holy Ghost was come upon them.

What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?
Acts 2:1-4. In this case when they were filled or baptized they began to speak in an unknown tongue or language.

Peter is no longer the same person. Peter is now bold:
Acts 4:13-22. Peter states that he must hearken to God not man
Acts 4:23-30. Pete was released from prison and the Christians united
Acts 4:31. The evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit is that the peopled filled spoke with boldness.

How do I know if I have been baptized/filled or received the Holy Spirit? Boldness use of your gifts.

Can someone be filled with the Holy Spirit after they have received Jesus as Lord and Savior? Yes

Acts 19:1-6. This scripture reveals that being filled or baptized/receive the Holy Spirit can occur after repentance and salvation.

Every Christian wanting to grow into Spiritual maturity should not hide from the concept of being filled by the Holy Spirit, they should welcome it and pray about receiving this powerful gift from God.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit and get BOLD for Christ

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