King Jesus Will Be Praised in 2023

King Jesus Will Be Praised in 2023


-Blessed New Year to all.

-Spanish Translation for the sermon is now available at HCC.  Feel free to invite Spanish speaking people to church.

-Prayer meeting on Sunday night from 6pm to 7pm. 

-Youth meet every Saturday at 6:30pm, 3rd Saturday of the Month at the Youth meeting is at the community center.

-Pray for HCC and Open Hands Community Charitable Services as we prepare to expand our service to the community.

-Pray for Pastor Elias Ozuna as he enters full time into ministry.

Sermon Notes:

Main Point:  The Old Testament prophets said it, the New Testament apostles said it, and John in the book of revelations said it:  King Jesus will be praised.  No one else is worthy.

Old Testament Prophecy about Jesus

  • Old Testament Prophecy:  Jesus the everlasting King worthy to be worshiped and praised for eternity.
    • Daniel 7:13-14.  All people will worship Jesus.  His Kingdom will be forever.

New Testament Jesus was praised on earth

  • Mark 11:1-11.  Jesus entered Jerusalem and was praised as Hosanna in the Highest.

New Testament Jesus completes His work and prays to the father

  • John 17:3-4.  Jesus has glorified the father and is ready to be glorified once again with the Heavenly Father for eternity.

New Testament scripture praising Jesus our Savior both now and for eternity

  • Jude 1:25.  Jesus has all dominion and power worthy to be glorified for ever more.

New Testament Prophecy that King Jesus will be praised.

  • Revelations 5:1-14.  Only Jesus is worthy to open the Scrolls.  Only Jesus is worthy to be praised now and for eternity.

Let no circumstance keep you from Praising King Jesus in 2023.

  • Matthew 11:28-30.  Jesus is the answer to all trials in life.  More Praise and Worship to King Jesus in 2023 no matter what your circumstances.
  • Jesus always has been and always will be the answer to overcome trials in victory
  • Jesus always has been and always will be the answer to eternal joy and peace.

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