Apply Wisdom – Fear the Lord

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 02-23-20
Apply Wisdom; Fear the Lord

Main Point: Every one of us needs God’s wisdom so we can make good decisions and avoid the painful consequences of poor choices. Apply God’s wisdom in your life.

Foundation Scripture: Proverbs 1:1-7. The fear of the Lord is where wisdom begins.

To fear God means to have the proper respect, reverence and awe for him.

Applying Wisdom:
 Fear God. Proverbs 3:5-7. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.
o To trust in your own wisdom and understanding is a statement of Pride.
o To seek God’s wisdom through the Holy Spirit is a statement of Humility
 Be humble. James 4:6. God sets himself against the proud, but shows favor to the humble.
o Proverbs 16:19. It is better to be humble among the poor than to live selfishly and proud with the rich.
 Value knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 8:33.
o Knowledge is knowing what to do. Understanding is knowledge applied appropriately. Wisdom is knowing when to apply your knowledge appropriately.
 Treat others well. Proverbs 11:17. The merciful man doeth good to his own soul.
o Don’t be kind only when it is convenient for your own self-interest. Be kind just to be kind.
o Proverbs 19:17. Especially be kind to those in need.
 Be willing to work. Proverbs 6:10-11. Don’t be afraid of hard work. This is the key to avoiding poverty.
o Working hard honor the Lord.
 Choose good friends. Friends have the ability to influence for good or for bad so find good friends.
o Proverbs 22:24-25. Do not be friends with an angry or furious man because you may learn unwise ways.
o 2 Corinthians 6:14. Do not be unequally yoked with non-believers.
 Does not mean don’t be friendly to all. This means don’t form an unbreakable bond with unbelievers.
 Avoid strife. Proverbs 20:3. Avoiding strife is wise. Fools love to quarrel.
o Living in strife and quarrel takes up a lot of energy. Use your energy for wisdom.

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