We Exist to…

Bring HOPE to the community around us by meeting needs and pointing people to a relationship with Jesus.

Our Core Values


Focus on a real relationship with Jesus by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Focus on a daily intentional prayer life and a daily reading of God’s word.


Focus on serving others expecting nothing in return.


Focus on trusting that God is a good God no matter the circumstances in our lives.


Serving others expecting nothing in return. This is greatness in God’s Kingdom

Our will dies and God’s will lives in us.

Being real. Circumstances don’t define us, Jesus does.

Doing the little things honorably and letting God do the big things amazingly.


A daily prayer life is as essential as daily food and water. Our Spirit needs daily nourishment.

A daily reading of Scripture is essential for Christian living and Christian direction. God’s word is a lamp unto our path.

Regular church attendance is essential to encourage one another in the faith and experience God’s presence in unity.

Giving is essential for Christians as an obedient act to God’s word to be a cheerful giver. Tithes and offerings are a key part of giving so the church can have finances to impact the community for Jesus.

Service Times

  • Sunday Worship Service
  • Wednesday Bible Study
    6:30PM (en español)
    at Community Center
  • Saturday Youth Service
    6:30PM - 8:30PM

Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday Today and Forever

Hope Community Church

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