Now What?

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 04-19-20
Now What?

Main Point of the Sermon today is: After Jesus died on the cross, I imagine the disciples looked at each other and said, now what? The good news is that God always has a plan to advance his Kingdom. The disciples just didn’t know it yet.

This was a very scary time for the disciples. There life was in danger and they did not yet understand the power of the Holy Spirit. But God had a plan.

-First, Jesus would reveal himself to the disciples, especially Peter who denied him 3 times.
-Second, Jesus would instruct them to wait until the Holy Spirit comes upon them to empower them.
-Third, The Holy Spirit empower the disciples to be instruments of God with power and an anointing to grow the church.

God has a plan to set his church in motion.

John 20:19-31. Jesus visits the disciples to establish to the church the Jesus is alive
John 21: 15-19.
Jesus makes clear to Peter what he would have to do to show his Love for Him. Feed my lambs.

Acts 1:6-11. Jesus informs the disciples that they will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon them and that they would use this power to be witnesses of the gospel.

Acts 2:1-13. The promise of the Holy Spirit comes to pass and the disciples now understand their mission to preach the gospel, not in their own power, but by Holy Spirit Power.

These 3 steps we just covered: They don’t just apply to the original disciples they apply to you and me. Because God has a plan.

-Jesus reveals himself to us and we get saved.
-Then after salvation we realize we can’t do this on our own and we need to be empowered by God to live a victorious Christian life
-Then at some point on our journey we have a powerful experience when the Holy Spirit comes upon us and gives us confidence and boldness to proclaim the gospel to the world around us.

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