Our Change does Not Change Gods Plan

Our Change does Not Change Gods Plan

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 05-10-20
Our Change does not change God’s Plan

Main Point of the sermon today is: Our changing circumstances here on earth does not change God’s Plans.

Historical Fact:
It is a historical fact that in 70 A.D. the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman Empire because of a Jewish revolt against Roman occupation.

Revelations 11:1-3. In the book of revelations we read that there is a temple that is to be measured.

-Though the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D and the temple is still not there today, no matter what man does, somehow or someway the temple will be rebuilt because in the book of revelations God says so. If God said it, it will come to pass.

Pastor’s Thoughts:
-What God has spoken in his word or what God has spoken to your heart thru prophetic words or words of knowledge by the power of the Holy Spirit will come to pass.
-Circumstances do not change the fact that Gods plans will come to pass.
-Just like the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D doesn’t change the fact that a temple will be measured as stated in the book of revelations. So all the promises that God has given you will come to pass no matter what circumstances or challenges come your way. Do not doubt just believe.

Pastor’s Thoughts:
-When Jesus was crucified it look bleak, but we can now see the clear victory over sin and death.
-When Joseph was sold into slavery that looked pretty bleak, but we can see know how God’s plan saved a nation.
-When Peter denied Jesus 3 times things looked bleak, but Peter became the rock and God’s plan won the day.
-So no matter if circumstances seem bleak, we do not need to doubt that God’s plans will come to pass.

Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Trust and Obey. God will win the day.

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