Praise with Purpose

Praise with Purpose

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 08-18-19
Praise with Purpose

Main Point: Christians who praise with purpose will experience a move of God in their lives.

Foundation Scripture. Psalm 149:1-6. God takes pleasure in the praises of his people.

Pastor’s thoughts:
Worship versus Praise. Is there a difference?

*Praise is acknowledging who God is and all he has done.
*Worship is acting on the knowledge of who God is. So Worship is the actions of genuine praise.

*So to simplify, think of it this way. Worship is the action Praise.

*So Praise and worship work together, like faith and works.

Scriptures about Praise:
Hebrews 13:15. It is a sacrifice to praise and worship God because your carnal sinful nature does not want to praise God because of PRIDE.
Romans 12:1-2. Die to carnal will, this is holy and acceptable unto God. When you surrender your life to God, which means you are determined to live by God’s word, then this is worship an action of praise.

Get ready on earth because we will be praising for eternity.
Hebrews 12:28-29. Praise because we are receiving an eternal kingdom.
Revelations 4:8-11. Teaches how angels praise and worship almighty God.

Praise with Purpose. God will move.

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