Stability in Christ, Say Yes to God’s Plan

Stability in Christ, Say Yes to God’s Plan

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 12-01-19
Stability in Christ, Say Yes to God’s Plan

Main Point: Say yes to God’s plan for your life and you will have stability in Christ in all circumstances. You will have victory, peace and joy.

Say yes to God’s Plan
Psalm 127:1. If the Lord is not in what we are building in our lives, it is in vain. Stability in Christ requires a heart that has decided to answer God’s calling, God’s will for your life.
Isaiah 6:1-11. Isaiah was not perfect but he was available for service. Isaiah had determined in his heart to answer God’s will for his life.

Christian Stability: What does the bible say about stability?
Psalm 62:2, He alone is my rock. No one else. God alone is our rock. Trust him and you won’t be moved.
Psalm 20:7-8, don’t trust in worldly powers, or worldly riches, I’m here to tell you, your foundation is in faith that ‘All is well” because our God is in control. Yes even in the hard times. Even when we don’t understand trust God.
Matthew 7:24-27, Stability comes by obeying God’s word and the teachings in them. We can’t create our own righteousness. We can’t establish our own journey. It is God that leads by his Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 4:11-14, God has put forth servants not to look to the servants but for the servants to point to Jesus. No more to be tossed to and fro (unstable)…….. Time for stability.

Be Content in all circumstances.
Philippians 4:10-13, Circumstances do not dictate our stability or our trust in God. Victory is ahead. Don’t doubt it.

Pastor’s thoughts:
Do not fight God’s plan for your life, surrendering to it brings freedom from anxiety, frustration and freedom from an unstable ground.
Don’t depend on others for your stability in Christ Jesus. People are not perfect, they will let you down. Always keep your eyes on Jesus.
Don’t compare yourself to other people to find your stability in Christ Jesus.

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