The Early Church: Contagious-pt5

The Early Church: Contagious-pt5


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Sermon Notes:

Main Point:  Be contagious for God’s Kingdom.  The world needs to hear the bold truth about Salvation in Jesus name.

  • Contagious Faith
  • Contagious Love 
  • Contagious Hope

Series Review:  What can we learn from the early church as we read in the book of Acts?

  • Week 1:  The early church was totally dependent on being led by the Holy Spirit
  • Week 2:  We learn the following from the early church:  Go, Don’t be Afraid, expect to be criticized, focus on the goodness of God.
  • Week 3:  We learn the following from the early church:  Holy Spirit empowerment, they had a desperation that produced prayer, they had faith that produced obedience, they had passion that produced unity, they were concerned for their neighbor and had everything in common.
  • Week 4:  The early church was positioned to proclaim the Good News.
  • Week5:  The early church was contagious.  Contagious Faith, love, and hope

Luke 2:36-47.  Once people began to accept Jesus as Savior and being filled with the Holy Spirit, the early church became contagious.  

  • Instead of hoarding, let’s give.  (This is contagious Love)
  • Instead of living in fear, live in hope. (This is contagious Hope)
  • Instead of turning away, turn toward your neighbor (This contagious Love)
  • Instead of staying home, go to the prayer meeting.  (this is contagious Faith)

Luke 3:1-11.  This was the first miracle by a person that was done in Jesus name.  This miracle caught the attention of the people and the religious leaders.  This miracle had contagious faith, contagious love, and contagious hope

Pastor’s Thoughts:

  • This world really needs contagious faith, love and hope.  Jesus is the answer and the true hope of the world
  • It is time to be contagious and take spiritual ground for God’s Kingdom.
  • Do not be afraid.  Make an impact by being confident and proud of being a child of God.  Be contagious.
  • The early church teaches us that boldness and confidence in Christ is contagious.
  • Persecution is part of the journey but victory is also assured.  In Jesus name.

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