The Early Church: Seek and you will Find-pt9

The Early Church: Seek and you will Find-pt9


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Sermon Notes:

Main Point:   The early church showed us that if we seek we will find.   Those who find Salvation in the truth of Jesus become powerful instruments of LOVE that impacts lives for God’s Kingdom.

Foundation Scripture:

Acts 28:16-31.  Paul teaches Jesus to the Jews in Rome.  Paul confirms that the message of Jesus Christ will be heard and received by the gentiles. 

Pastor’s Thoughts:

  • Those who seek find.  Those with a selfish agenda will be blinded from the truth of God’s word.  
  • The Jewish religious leaders choose to keep their selfish agenda so they could not see the truth found in Jesus.  
  • They choose not to seek even though many religious leaders saw signs and wonders done in Jesus name.

Scriptures about seeking God:

Jeremiah 29:13.  You will seek and find God when you seek with all your hearts.

Matthew 7:7.  Seek and you shall find.

Pastor’s Thoughts:

  • So after the early church learned how to operate in power of the Holy Spirit, and because of the Holy Spirit they understood how to Love and serve others, then the church began to grow for those who believed.
  • Even though there were signs and wonders being performed not everyone who witnessed the miracles became believers? Why.  
  • People think that if God just showed up or spoke audibly then they would go all in to serve God.  But that is not the case.  
  • In scripture we read of 10 lepers healed and only 1 came back to thank Jesus.  
  • Judas saw the miracles of Jesus, God incarnate and stilled betrayed him.  
  • So it is not the case that if God would just do this or that then we would have stronger faith.  
  • Jesus said to doubting Thomas, that people who believe that have not seen his nail pierced hands are blessed.  Our faith in believing in Jesus I would argue is stronger than Thomas’s faith because he had to see it to believe that Jesus was God incarnate.
  • Another example is when the children of Israel saw God do miracle after miracle and the still rebelled against God and built a Golden calf to worship.
  • To be a servant of the most high God you have to have a seeking heart for God.  Which requires dying to our selfish ambition and surrendering to God’s will for our life.  
    • It is people who have a heart for God that seek and find.  
    • It is people who have a heart for God that see God’s miraculous hand move.
    • It is people who have a heart for God that are used as instruments for God’s Kingdom. 
    • It is people who have a heart for God that love and serve others.
    • It is people who have a heart for God that change the world in Jesus name.

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