Unity in Chaos

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 05-17-20
Unity in the Chaos

Main Point: We are called to be peacemakers and to be in unity in the chaos.

Scriptures reading:
-2 Timothy 1:7. God has not given us the spirit of fear. Be wise and don’t be afraid.
-Mathew 5:9. Blessed our the Peace makers.
-Romans 14:19. Pursue peace and seek to edify others.
-Romans 12:18. As much as possible be at peace with all men.

Pastor’s thoughts:
-God uses difficult circumstances in our lives to bring forth blessings and growth.
-The enemy likes to use difficult circumstances in our lives to bring dis-unity and bring conflict. Rise above the enemies tricks and be the peacemaker. Be the instrument of unity even in a pandemic.

Pastor’s Thoughts:
Everyone has an opinion about the best way to handle this pandemic. The truth is there is no easy answer. One side says “shut every down” and if you don’t agree you don’t care about saving lives. The other side says if you shut everything down then people will die of homelessness and suicides due to financial stress so you are the one that does not care about lives. So as you can see by this example the enemy can begin to use these disagreement for disunity.

The president of Foursquare just release a statement about the pandemic that reads as follows, “Because of the stresses these dynamics bring to making wise decisions, we will need to offer continual grace to one another. We’ll need to resist making judgments about other’s actions and viewing them unfavorably through the lens of our context and particular church culture”. (Give example of someone having a bad day)

Big Picture Summary:
The bigger picture is that the word of God teaches to be the peacemaker as much as possible. So don’t look for disagreements with your family, friends or church members or co-workers, or even your enemies. Be blessed and be the peacemaker. Extend grace to one another. Be the instrument of Unity in the chaos.

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