We Need A Move Part 1

We Need A Move Part 1

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 09-01-19
We need a Move pt.1

Main Point: We need a move of God. To God be the Glory.

God has a timing that we don’t comprehend but we can recognize it:
Amos 8:11. There are times when there is a drought in the hearing of God’s word.
Acts 2:17. There is a time when the rain of God’s spirit will fall on all flesh.
Psalm 119:20. But no matter what God’s timing is. We need to be crushed with longing for God to move.

History has documented many moves of God that were recorded:
-In Genesis God made a move and created the heavens and the earth.
-During Moses time, God made a move and brought freedom to his people.
-During Jesus time, God made a move and showed up in the flesh. Jesus is the redeemer of all mankind
-During Paul’s time, God made a move and revival broke out outside of Jerusalem.
-In more recent times, the first great awakening, as it was called was in 1730’s and 1740’s. A turn from religion to an experience of repentance to God. This move of God was mostly within the church. Changing from rituals to personal relationship with God.
-The 2nd great awakening occurred in 1800’s. And this move of God reached into the unchurched. Many salvations.
-Three things came out of 2nd awakening. Temperance (no drunkenness), Abolition (no slaves), Women’s rights.
-Early 1900’s a revival, move of God, with emphasize in the power of the Holy Spirit swept across the United States. (we are a product of this move of God).

Here we are in the 2000’s, It appears to me. God is about to move. And we need a move.

This scripture was written around 2500 years ago and it is as true today as ever. 2 Chronicles 7:14. If my people……….

Acts 3:19-20. A move of God always begins with true repentance.

God is ready to move. Are we ready to be moved?

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