We Need a Move: Part 2- Repent

We Need a Move: Part 2- Repent

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 09-15-19
We need a Move pt.2 – Repent

Main Point: We need a move of God. Repent and allow God to change you.

Ephesians 4:17-19. Repentance. If Christians don’t have a repented heart we are unable to see clearly.

Move of God History: Recap
-U.S First great Awakening started after a call for repentance by the church in the 1700’s
-U.S. 2nd great Awakening stared after a call to repentance by those outside the church in the 1800’s. New converts.
-U.S. Revival broke out in early 1900 which also started with repentance after the San Francisco earthquake.
-Frank Bartleman printed a track before the earthquake called “The last Call” warning people to turn to God.
-Then after the earthquake Bartleman wrote a track called “The Earthquake” showing scriptures that show how God is in the earthquakes. Nahum 1:5-7. God is in the earthquake. God is good and knows them that trust him.
-This revival led to the Pentecostal movement we know today.

Scriptures on Repentance:

Acts 3:19. Repent so times of refreshing will come. A move of God always begins with true repentance.
Proverbs 28:13. Covering sin holds back blessings.
Acts 17:30. Time to Repent.
Matthew 3:8. Bring forth fruit that shows we have repented.

Why do we need a move of God?
We need a move to see signs and wonders which will bring people to salvation.
We need a move to break generational curses.
We need a move to bring unity to families, the church, marriages, etc…
We need a move to advance the Kingdom of God into people’s hearts.

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