We Need A Move the Conclusion

We Need A Move the Conclusion

Pastor Elias Ozuna Sermon Notes 10-27-19
We need a Move pt.8 – Conclusion

Main Point: God has moved in a dramatic way in the past and he will move in a dramatic way again. A wave of revival is coming.

Be prepared:
Repented Hearts
Desire for Righteousness to prevail
Utilizing spiritual gifts
Allowing the fruits of the spirit to grow in our hearts
Heart of Forgiveness and be slow the judge others

Pastor’s Thoughts on how God will move:
*Not because the people in the church are awesome, because God is awesome
*Not because the church is perfectly organized. Our weakness is where God’s strength shines
*Not because we completely understand God’s word because only God knows all.

I believe the next move of God is going to happen via Unconditional Service and Love, expecting nothing in return from the people we love and serve unconditionally.

Luke 6:27-36. One of the most powerful supernatural acts you will ever see on this earth is the power to forgive and love your enemies.

Scriptures on Service:
Hebrews 6:10. God will not forget your service to others.
Galatians 5:13. Use your freedom in Christ to love and serve others
Matthew 23:11. The greatest among you will be the one that serves you. (Don’t let others out serve you)
John 13:13-15. Jesus makes it clear that we should serve others by washing the disciple’s feet.

We Need a Move!!!!

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